Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kinemetrics' Etna strong-motion station behind urban artwork

So what is behind this very colorful urban artwork?  A Kinemetrics' Etna strong-motion station. 

Italy has discovered a way to place their station above ground in a very conspicuous location, yet make it look so appealing to the eye.  Not wanting to compromise on the most strategic site for the station, they combined creativity with the business concept of "location, location, location!"

Since installation of this station, Kinemetrics has designed the Basalt, which has replaced the Etna.

Basalt represents the next evolution in Kinemetrics Strong Motion Instrumentation. Offering exceptional high dynamic range, matched to Kinemetrics outstanding EpiSensor accelerometer performance, and with exemplary timing accuracy, and spectral purity the Basalt again advances the standards of strong motion data recording. Complementing this outstanding data fidelity is a new suite of communication capabilities offering multiple real time data streams to multiple clients.

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